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RDA Flag Day II – The ‘Most…’ Moments

Most innocent…
We had this little preschooler put some coins into our tin. When we thanked him, he kept thanking us too. Such a sweet boy!

Most heartwarming…
When we asked this Korean family, the mom said she didn’t have small change. I told her it’s alright and she can put her change into any of the tins that day. An hour later, we saw her, with her groceries, making her way towards us and putting money into our tin. So nice of her to remember us.

Most grateful…
When we first approached this elderly man, he didn’t give. After some time, he did. Subsequently, he came by again to make a second donation. Thank you uncle.

Most heartwarming…
After explaining what RDA does, this bus driver donated some money. Later on, he returned and gave a ten dollar note. Thank you for your generosity!

Most ‘Chinese’…
When two men told me they didn’t understand what I was saying in English, I quickly began my usual script in Mandarin. After inquiring how much they should give, they considered and made their donation. I’m thankful that they took time to listen and give.

Most surprising…
While trying to attract the crowd’s attention, I would explain in a louder voice, our purpose in seeking donations. Many who walked by, heard, turned back and made their donation. I wasn’t expecting that as many people were rushing to their next destination. I’m grateful for their giving hearts.

Most perceptive…
An Indian couple who stopped to contribute to our tin, after asking if the three children were mine, commented that it was wonderful that we can sell flags and spend time together as a family on a Saturday morning. I give thanks for God’s affirmation through them.

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