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Bored and Sleepy? We can…

One Saturday morning when John had to be on an online call, we all listened in on our way to the park as there was much to learn! However, as the girls were not really engaged on the call, they got bored and tired when we still had many minutes to go to the end of the call. I discovered that the car can be quite a good place for online calls provided the person is NOT the driver, the batteries of laptops/phones are charged and the signal is stable.

Persuaded that they (the girls), can’t go anywhere else (coz mom said stay in the car), they decided to make themselves as comfortable as possible. First, let’s keep the heat out. Since there were not enough headrests to hold up the shade, Li-Ann just got it to fit the space. And she was quick!!! That was very efficient!!! (LA brought that story book to read. That story coming up!!)


Second, let’s stretch out our legs into the boot and take a rest! (Daddy had to ferry LA’s bike to the park and so he needed to put down the seats at the back. This was when he had already taken the bike out.) This was Rebecca’s idea!! How neat!! What a creative way to pass time and yet get some rest. I am always amazed at what the children can come up with, that is, if I let them.

I took this photo before they put the shade on.
Now we can lie down comfortably!! SMILE for wefie 🙂

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