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Adventure on Two Wheels

WE DID IT!!! LI-ANN DID IT - ON TWO WHEELS!!! We enjoy cycling as a family. We finally went for our L-O-N-G awaited family cycling outing when the year started. What took us so long? We, were waiting for Li-Ann. Li-Ann started cycling spontaneously about 7 years ago. I was so excited! When the training… Continue reading Adventure on Two Wheels

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Magic Kiss – Good Way to Teach Numbers

LA: Where's daddy? Mom: Daddy is still sleeping. (An IDEA!!) LA can you use your magic kiss to wake daddy up? You must kiss daddy 5x on each cheek ok? LA: Ok...(Walking quickly to my room...) Mommy, can you do on the other side? (Probably realising it's A LOT of kissing to do) Mom: (Wondering… Continue reading Magic Kiss – Good Way to Teach Numbers