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An Anniversary with a Difference

5 Oct was my 23rd wedding anniversary. I was asking God how we can celebrate other than sitting down and eat, which just meant spending money to grow fats that will be hard to lose. Then a friend sent me the flyer asking for volunteers for Life Fest. So I talked to hubby and kids and then we signed up to serve at Life Fest as a family. It was my prayer that as we were given the mandate as a married couple in Genesis 9:7 to ‘be fruitful and multiply’, that at Life Fest, God will multiply the brief connections, prepare the ground, sow the seeds so that those who come will be one step closer to the kingdom of God.

St Andrew’s Cathedral was a wonderful location. To be able to hear worship music played right in the heart of the city is a privilege and a blessing. God gave me this picture – a bright yellow glow that radiates right in the middle of SG map. I give thanks for God’s favor and covering on the event. The weather was perfect and God held the rain till the evening. It was a joy to serve with different ones with different gifts, figuring out how to work the process yet giving each person enough time to paint. I really LOVE THE TEAM! 

It’s such a joy to see how the ones with special needs enjoyed their time and painted their hearts out. I was so amazed that they were able to focus, in spite of the noise and flurry of activities going on. The kids were the happiest when they were given the freedom to put whatever paints in however way on their pieces of canvas. They were truly given the freedom to create, something which God has put deep in each one of us.

One young boy kept taking paints from the plates of his neighbours and didn’t seem to understand when we tried to explain to him. So Rebecca decided to put this paints on his canvas as he painted! That worked! I give thanks for Rebecca’s sensitivity to the way that child was moving and was willing to come along side to support his creativity.

There were a few parents who got upset n impatient with their kids – thinking that their paintings should be done in a certain way or that the kids were taking too long. I saw these young hearts close themselves up with looks of sadness and uncertainty on their faces. I quickly stepped in to encourage and affirm them, offering the parents another perspective and praying that the kids will persevere n not give up. One mom complained that her young son did a better job on the plate palette than his canvas. I agreed with her and suggested that she could bring the plate home too – coz that’s another masterpiece in itself! 

I give thanks for the team’s acceptance of Li-Ann, my daughter with special needs. She had a good time chatting with people the whole day! She wanted to go back after dinner and so we did. She must have felt that it was a safe place for her. She got her letter typed and painted her 2 pictures. Whole waiting for her, I had the privilege of getting to know Serene and Shaun too. It is so blessed to see their desire to serve the Lord and they did excellently! 

It was with much gratitude that the girls and I attended the ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’ for the event and testified of the Lord’s goodness. The organisers were so kind to bless me with flowers coz it was my anniversary and the girls were given 2 beautiful prophetic paintings done by James and Jessie.

Joshua, who took this amazing photo, took time to print it out, framed it and gave it to me. Right now, it sits on our piano at home.

May the Lord remind each of us that ‘I am Loved’, ‘I am Gifted’ and ‘I am Brave’. With Him all things ARE possible! All glory be unto our Lord and our God!!

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