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I Want to Fold the Socks

As we were folding clothes one day, Li-Ann told me, when she saw me about to fold her socks,"Mama, I want to fold the socks." I wasn't taking her seriously coz it's not easy for even the older ones to master this well (note emphasis). I left the pair of socks for her, reminding myself… Continue reading I Want to Fold the Socks

Self-Help Skills

Kor Kor Stole a Chinese New Year Cookie!

"Mama, kor kor stole a Chinese New Year cookie!" Li-Ann yelled out as she ran to me. Before I could say anything, John came in and told me that it was Li-Ann who took a cookie. For all stay-at-home moms, this is probably a familiar scenario we have to handle frequently. After verifying with John… Continue reading Kor Kor Stole a Chinese New Year Cookie!

Self-Help Skills

Apple Hamburger

Have you heard of an 'apple hamburger' before? No? Neither have I. But sweet Li-Ann came up with this. Li-Ann wanted an apple after dinner so I let her eat one, although I knew she won't be able to finish. Usually, I would insist she share with either one of us. But not tonight. For… Continue reading Apple Hamburger

Self-Help Skills


We were ill last week. The usual thing I will tell the children to do is to drink lots of water, take their cactus juice supplement and gurgle with the acidic water which is a by product of my water system. You can find out more about it here Li-Ann, having seen her siblings… Continue reading GGGur….rrrrrrr….