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Life Fest 2019 – Hubby’s Perspective

One unsuspecting night, my wife took me aside to talk to me. Imagine my surprise when she told me that for our impending wedding anniversary, instead of the usual celebration of spending time together having a nice meal and conversation, she hoped to spend the day in a more meaningful way. Having agreed to do so, she told me about volunteering opportunities for the family at Life Fest. In spite of not knowing what Life Fest was about, I agreed to help out for the photography explorer trail.

It was only at the volunteers’ briefing that I understood the essence and objectives of Life Fest – to celebrate the sanctity and value of every life created and to provide support for those grappling with such issues. Of special importance was their support for special needs persons. As the parent of a child with special needs, I am most appreciative of their initiative.

On the day of Life Fest itself, God provided brilliant sunny weather for the conduct of activities and held back the rains only until almost the end of the event. Pulling a double shift while tiring was rewarding. The chance to interact with young children and fellow volunteers was a welcomed reward for the effort put in.

While unconventional, I am glad to have spent my wedding anniversary in such a meaningful manner.

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