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Life Fest 2019

At the Life Fest, I talked to Bianca jie jie about the typewriter. I have never seen a typewriter and use it before.

People wanted to do letter writing and she persevered to help type their letters on the brown colored paper. The letter writing reminded me of the time when Mommy and I went the event called Create with Mom.  ​They encouraged mom ​and​ the kids to write letters to each other. ​It is i​mportant to write letters to show appreciation – for Moms to appreciate kids ​and​ for kids to appreciate the mommies. I wrote a letter to Yong En. I think she may like it.

I also got to know 2 guys at ​Life Fest. One of them is Shaun. I think his hair is cool. He is a funny guy.

At the Life Fest, I painted 2 pictures. This is the first picture.

The heart represents love. The cross represents Jesus. The picture tells me that Jesus is with us and Jesus loves us. The verse that goes with this picture is Matthew 19:14 “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'”

It is ​wonderful to see the special needs children participating​ in the Brave Race​. Parents can ask their special needs children to go for the brave race and parents can do it together with the kids.

My brother took many ​photo​s.​ ​In one photo, ​the father ​showed the son that the son can crawl through the netting and the father ​told the son that he can do it. ​The “​I ​A​​​m ​B​rave​”​ sticker tells the special needs children that ​they are brave and ​they ​can do it and not to give up halfway in the race. 

I ​was at the prophetic art ​tent ​​and I ​saw ​many kids painting. A lot of kids came to the arts section.​ I ​could see God leading the children to paint. ​I feel ​joyful because I s​aw​ that God gave​ the children many ​different ​pictures in their heads.​ ​The children were painting with God. Th​e​ children ​picked the colours that represent​ their ​emotions ​and put on their canvases.​ I saw the children’s ​art work and they ​were ​really pretty. 

I feel joyful that I can go and serve together with my family members​.​ I helped the children opened the canvases. I also helped my mommy stick the double-sided tape on the cards for the children to put behind their canvases.

This is the second picture I painted. It reminds me that Jesus cares for me. The red colour represents Jesus’ blood and the blue colour represents the eternal life He gives us. The verse that goes with this picture is John 6:54 “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.”

When I go home, I want to paint a lion face and fire. The picture reminds us that Jesus will come again and cleanse us and tell us we are His children.

At the stage area where they were worshipping God, I saw a lion and fire on the flag. The lion represents Jesus. The fire represents the Holy Spirit. I find the flag very interesting because it reminds people about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. 

​I want to c​elebrate the parents, the kids and especially those with special needs​. T​​hey came to Life Fest and they were touched by Jesus. 

I hope that I can go to Life Fest next year to help out.

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