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My Life Fest Experience

My experience at the recent Life Fest held on 5 October was a very meaningful one.

I could help out together with my family. It was an event to celebrate families and we could do it as a family.

I got to talk to many different people and some people with special needs as well. One lady with special needs came up to me and said I had the same pair of glasses as her granddaughter. She then started to talk about her and her granddaughter and it was such a cute interaction with her. 

It was also super inspiring to see many young(er) people helping out and standing for this cause that they believe in.

The whole event ended with worship. All of a sudden, it started raining. It began with a drizzle, but coincidentally whenever the guy said something and the people said “amen” in response, the rain poured a little harder and it sounded like applause. 

What an awesome way to end the night!

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